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The mazzeru is an ambiguous character for the village. He seems responsible of some people death but he can also save them, so he can be helped or killed. Be careful who you talk to and what you say… Or you might regret it.

The village is small, so people remember and tell each other everything.

Sometimes, the environment can be more informative than people. Stay watchful and you could find new clues to interrogate people and develop your investigation.

To sum up: who is doomed and will you save him?

Mazzeru is playable in English, French and Corsican.
The best experience is with a gamepad and a headset.
We recommend players to be more than 12 years old.

The Team

Hey, you see all these smiling guys posing for an absolutely non photoshopped picture ? This is our team.

Ghjuvannu-Carlu is a peaceful graphic artist.

Victor is a graphic artist too, and as you can see on his face he is full of an INCREDIBLE amount of fun.

Grégoire is our programer. He built us a custom version of Unreal Engine 4 because he knows what he is doing.

Simon-Pierre is the Game Designer of Mazzeru.

Matthieu gives life to the island of Mazzeru with his fabulous Sound Design.

Adrien is the Producer.

Social :

Twitter : @U_Mazzeru

Tumblr : http://mazzeru.tumblr.com/

Facebook : Mazzeru


MazzeruGame 971 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the game. Then you can play :)

The experience is better with a Gamepad, but the keyboard + mouse combo is working too :

  • Enter to interact
  • zqsd to move
  • keyboard arrows to navigate in the dialogues choices
  • alt + enter to go fullscreen


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Looks nice but I couldn't quite follow.